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WPHOA Welcome New Homeowner/Member


Greetings and Welcome, Purchaser of a Waterford Place Home!

The Waterford Place HOA Board of Directors and the Property Management People, Inc. (Management Agent) welcome you to the Waterford Place community and look forward to assisting you whenever possible.

Property Management People (PMP) functions in the day-to-day management of the Waterford Place community under the direction of the Waterford Place HOA Board of Directors. This includes the community's financial and physical property management and advisory and technical subjects as directed by the Board.

Upon purchasing your home, you automatically become a member of the "Waterford Place Homeowners Association" (WPHOA), which is comprised of all Waterford Place homeowners. The WPHOA's purpose is to maintain the Common Areas and thus protect the property value of the homes in the Waterford Place community. The Common Areas assets include the community grounds, signage, sidewalks, playgrounds, other recreational facilities, USPS cluster box units/mailboxes, Waters Row Terrace roadway, and parking lots/spaces.

A common ownership community association requires individual input and group cooperation to be successful. The following should help clarify some of the principal procedures used at the WPHOA community.

  • ASSOCIATION FEES - Association fees, specifically the HOA annual assessments, are due on the first day of each month. These fees are used to pay for the WPHOA community's day-to-day expenses and the future maintenance, repair, and replacement of the WPHOA Common Areas assets. The annual operating budget, available upon request, provides a detailed projection of the funds to be collected and the estimated annual expenses. In addition, you will receive payment coupons to be used when remitting your HOA assessment payments. To ensure proper credit, please make your check payable to Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc., indicate the account number on your check, and include a payment coupon with your remittance. Please do not hesitate to call the PMP Finance Department at 301-694-6900 x1011 concerning any problem related to the payment of your HOA assessment/association fees. NOTE: ACH/Direct debit of your monthly assessment payment is conveniently available. PMP can assist you with setting up direct debit HOA assessment payment arrangements.

  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - PMP is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the WPHOA Common Areas assets under the direction of the WPHOA Board of Directors. If you notice or have a problem with the WPHOA Common Areas assets, please call PMP at 301-963-3337 or via email at [email protected]. PMP's regular office hours are Monday- Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET. After hours, please call 1-800-336-8009. This line is answered 24 hours daily to address your emergency needs. NOTE: You may also use the WPHOA Feedback Loop to provide feedback and information about matters related to the Waterford Place Common Areas and the Waterford Place community. 

  • RE-SALE PACKAGE - As a new Waterford Place homeowner/WPHOA member, you should have received from the home seller a binder (Re-Sale Package) containing all of the WPHOA governing documents, including the WPHOA Articles of Incorporation, WPHOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, WPHOA By-Laws, WPHOA Resolutions, WPHOA Operating Budget, WPHOA Insurance Information, recent WPHOA newsletters, and other information related to the WPHOA and Waterford Place community. Re-Sale Packages are available for purchase from for a reasonable fee.

  • CHANGE OF ADDRESS - A change of address form should be completed and mailed to PMP if you move or relocate from the Waterford Place community but do not sell your Waterford Place home/lot. This is very important since you, as the homeowner, will continue to be responsible for the home/lot. You will receive all pertinent information relating to the WPHOA by mail. You will continue to be responsible for compliance with the WPHOA Covenants, rules enforcement, and HOA assessments/fee payments.

  • ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - If you desire to make any exterior changes to your property/lot, a WPHOA  Architectural & Environmental Change Request (AECR) application must be completed and submitted to PMP. Once PMP receives the completed AECR application, it is checked for completion and forwarded to the WPHOA Architectural & Environmental Review Committee (AERC) for review and action.

    To avoid delays in reviewing your AECR application, please follow the instructions on the AECR application form and include the photos, images, brochures, and/or drawings illustrating the changes, modifications, or additions you desire to make. In addition, please refer to the WPHOA Architectural & Environmental Control Guidelines before or during your preparation of an AECR application.

    NOTE: You may not begin work on the exterior project on your home/lot until the WPHOA AERC grants approval and you receive the official notification of the AERC's decision in writing from PMP. You can complete and submit an AECR application online on the WPHOA community website or contact the property manager at PMP for a WPHOA AECR application form (PDF format).

  • INSURANCE - The WPHOA provides Fire and Liability protection insurance for the Common Areas assets. This coverage does not cover individual/privately owned homes/lots in the Waterford Place community. Homeowners should purchase coverage --liability and personal property-- for their own home/lot/property and personal possessions. If a home is leased to a non-owner tenant(s), the tenant(s) should purchase coverage --renter's insurance-- for their personal possessions.

  • LEASED UNITS - The WPHOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions require that the owner of any Waterford Place home/lot file with the WPHOA Board of Directors, through its PMP management agent, a signed and dated copy of any lease executed on any Waterford Place home/lot. In addition, all leases must include a clause wherein the tenant agrees to abide by all of the rules and regulations of the WPHOA. NOTE: The homeowner will always be deemed responsible for any failure of the tenants to comply with the WPHOA rules and regulations. Click this link to view Important Information for Waterford Place HOA Landlords.

  • EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE - Homeowners are expected to take responsibility for the exterior maintenance of their entire home/lot, including its structure, privacy fences, and lawns/yards within the property lines. The WPHOA Landscape Contractor provides grass-cutting services and bush/shrub maintenance to all homeowners' front yards. This cost is paid for by the WPHOA and is included in the WPHOA's landscape maintenance contract.

    NOTE: The care and expenses for tree care services/maintenance for trees on homeowners' lots are not included in the landscape maintenance contract nor the Common Areas tree care services contract. All tree care and related costs for tree care services on private lots are the homeowners' responsibility.

  • PETS - Pets are welcome but are subject to both the WPHOA community regulations as well as municipal regulations. Briefly, Montgomery County Animal Services prohibits pets from running loose (off-leash), defecating in the Waterford Place Common Areas, and barking incessantly (nuisance barking) within the Waterford Place community. Please keep your pets, especially dogs, leashed at all times. Homeowners must also pick up and properly dispose of their dog's feces. Violators will be reported, cited, and issued a fine by Montgomery County Animal Services. Click this link to view Montgomery County Animal Control and Anti-Cruelty Laws for Dogs and Other Animals.

  • TRASH REMOVAL & RECYCLING/YARD TRIM COLLECTION - Trash removal expenses are included in your WPHOA assessment/HOA fees. All trash should be in a sealed container and placed at the curb in front of your home no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the day before trash pick-up. The scheduled trash pick-up days are Monday and Thursday mornings. Recycling and Yard Trim collections are scheduled for Monday mornings. Click this link to view the Waterford Place Summary of Trash & Recycling Service and Collection Guidelines here.

    • Holidays (Trash): In case of holidays, trash will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled trash day. (If Monday is a holiday, trash collection will occur on Thursday. If Thursday is a holiday, trash collection will be on the following Monday.)

    • Holidays (Recycling/Yard Trim): In case of holidays, recycling/yard trim will be picked up the next day after the holiday. (If Monday is a holiday, recycling/yard trim collection will be on Tuesday.)

  • SNOW REMOVAL—The WPHOA maintains contracted snow removal/ice treatment services for Waters Row Terrace, the parking lots, the Common Area walking pathway, and the sidewalks. Per Montgomery County Code 49-17, each homeowner/resident is responsible for snow/ice removal on the sidewalk in front of their townhome/lot/property within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm.

    In the new snow removal contract for the winter of 2024-2025, the Board of Directors negotiated the inclusion of all sidewalks (including sidewalks in front of the townhomes) in the Waterford Place community along with the regular Common Areas snow removal process when the snow removal contractor services the Waterford Place community.

    • NOTE: This enhancement to the snow removal contract does not eliminate the homeowner's/resident's legal responsibility for removing the snow/ice in front of their townhome/lot/property as required by the Montgomery County Code 49-17. Additionally, the new snow removal contract enhancement does not prohibit a homeowner who wishes to continue to remove snow/ice from the sidewalk in front of their townhome/lot/property from doing so.

    • In case of a snow emergency, a member of the Board of Directors may contact you if you must move your vehicle(s) to allow snow removal or snow plows to operate in the parking lots or roadway. 

  • PMP COMMUNITY WEBSITE - PMP maintains a WPHOA community page on the PMP website that allows WPHOA members/homeowners to pay WPHOA assessment fees online. You may access the web page at

  • WPHOA COMMUNITY WEBSITE - The WPHOA also maintains a separate website for the benefit of its Members, Homeowners, and Residents ( to obtain updated information about the Waterford Place community, WPHOA newsletters, architectural and environmental control guidelines, WPHOA governing documents, forms, rules, regulations, etc.

    Most information on the WPHOA community website is available without requiring a site member account. However, a site member account is required to access the website menu items, which are flagged with a "padlock icon," indicating the information is restricted to homeowners/members only. For more information about registering for a FREE site member account on the WPHOA site, click here.

  • WATERFORD PLACE HOA "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS"—As a convenience, WPHOA FAQs are available on the WPHOA community website. If you do not see an answer to a question you may have, please submit it to Vonita Rivers at PMP—[email protected] or the Waterford Place HOA Board of Directors—[email protected] for an answer.
PMP looks forward to working with you at Waterford Place to help preserve and protect the community's attractive and pleasant environment. Please contact PMP or the WPHOA Board of Directors with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Welcome to the neighborhood!