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WPHOA Governing Documents

Below are PDF files of the governing documents for the Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc.  

These documents are legally binding based on the implied contractual agreement as a homeowner member of the Waterford Place community. Therefore, it is very important that prospective buyers carefully review the terms of each of these documents because buyers will be contractually bound by them once they acquire ownership of the unit/property.

It is also important that current owners review the terms of each of these documents because current owners became contractually bound by them at the time they acquired ownership of the unit/property.

Reminder:  Violating the terms may also constitute a breach of contract.

NOTE:  Searchable text documents in PDF format have been provided as a supplement to the original governing documents for your convenience only.  The searchable text documents do not replace the original HOA governing documents provided by Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc. (WPHOA).

  FYI:  Whether explicitly stated or not, the legal hierarchy always begins with:

  • the laws of the land (US constitutional/federal, State of Maryland and Montgomery County)
  • the original Waterford Place HOA community plat or map
  • the Waterford Place HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • the Waterford Place HOA Articles of Incorporation
  • the Waterford Place HOA By-Laws
  • the Waterford Place HOA latest rules and regulations (e.g., Architectural & Environmental Control Guidelines, Parking and Towing Regulations, etc.)

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