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WPHOA Parking Permit VISITOR

Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc.
Waters Row Terrace, Germantown, MD 20874
[email protected]

The Board of Directors of Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc.(WPHOA) recently adopted the  Administrative Resolution to Update Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc. Community Parking Rules and Regulations on January 16, 2024, to replace in entirety any and all prior Revised Parking Rules and Regulations and amendments. Violation of the adopted Towing & Parking Rules and Regulations policy shall be enforced, as are other use restrictions for the Association Property.


  1. Regulate Common Area parking and assign Common Area parking spaces within the Association’s community.
  2. Promote the safety and welfare of the Association’s residents while preserving and protecting property values within the Association.
  3. Establish reasonable rules and regulations for the assignment of parking spaces to those Units without garages or driveways to meet the intent of Article IV, Section 4, entitling each Lot/Unit Owner to one parking space as near and convenient to the Owner’s Lot/Unit as possible.
  4. Ensure that each of the 14 Lots/Units without a garage/driveway has one (1) numbered and assigned parking spot reserved for their use.
  5. Prevent the parking of any unauthorized vehicle within the Association’s community.
  6. Limit and ensure the fair and equitable distribution of available parking spaces.
  7. Identify and provide parking permits for all properly registered vehicles.


  1. Each WPHOA Lot/Unit in the Waterford Place Homeowners Association, Inc. (WPHOA) community may obtain one (1) WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag per unit address.

  2. All requests for a WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag must be submitted by the legal WPHOA Lot/Unit Owner for the Waterford Place Unit address requesting the permit.

  3. WPHOA Lot/Unit Owners must provide the following information and documentation:
     Your Name  Your Unit# Address  Your Contact Phone#  Your Contact Email Address
     Your Occupant Type  Tenant’s Name (if rental unit)  Tenant’s Contact Phone# (if rental unit)  Tenant’s Contact Email Address (if rental unit)
  4. Upon receiving a completed WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit Request form and verifying the information provided, an official WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit hangtag will be issued for each validated request.

  5. There is no fee for the initial WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag. However, a replacement fee of $50.00 will be charged to the Lot/Unit Owner to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag.

  6. Each WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag must be installed on the rearview mirror of the visitor’s/guest’s vehicle. It must always be visible and displayed while the visitor’s/guest’s vehicle is parked in the parking lot within the Waterford Place Homeowners Association community.

  7. Each WPHOA Lot/Unit Owner (or their tenant(s) or licensee(s), if a rental unit) is responsible for retaining the assigned WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag and retrieving it from their visitor(s)/guest(s).

  8. WPHOA Lot/Unit Owners are responsible for contacting the Association Community Management Agent (Community Association Manager) if a replacement WPHOA Resident Parking permit or WPHOA Visitor Parking permit is needed.

  9. If a WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag is lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag will cost $50.00 for each replaced permit/hangtag, and the replacement fee will be charged to the WPHOA Lot/Unit Owner.

  10. A WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag can be used only for a given vehicle for eight (8) nights per month.

  11. For more detailed information about the WPHOA Towing & Parking Rules/Regs, click here.

NOTE: Unlicensed, unregistered, inoperable, or abandoned vehicles are strictly prohibited. Violators will be cited with a sticker and towed after seventy-two (72) hours and towed at the owner’s risk and expense. This rule applies even if the unlicensed, unregistered, inoperable vehicle is currently registered with the WPHOA and displays an official WPHOA Resident Parking Permit. 

A WPHOA Visitor Parking Permit/hangtag does not convey an absolute right to park in the Waterford Place HOA Common Area parking lots. Unreserved/unmarked parking spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to [email protected].

If you prefer to download a fillable PDF form to email your request and documentation, click here.