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Pay WPHOA Dues

Please review the information below to select the best option for paying your Waterford Place HOA dues.

  • Pay WPHOA Dues Online via CIT Bank

    Please note that you will need the Management ID, the Association ID, and your account number in order to complete the transaction.

    If you do not have this information available, contact our Community Association Manager at Property Management People, Inc. to obtain it. Email: Kyle Thomas; phone: 301-694-6900 ext. 1008.

    One-time E-check- Log on to the CIT Bank website, and select Make a payment. Click on One-Time Payment. Please have your coupon ready.

    One-time credit card
    - Log into the CIT Bank website, select Pay by Credit Card. Please have your coupon ready. All credit cards are accepted with a 3% fee. 

  • Recurring ACH/Direct Debit through PMP. (Choose this option if you prefer to set up a recurring ACH/direct debit payment option through PMP.)

    To enroll in direct debit through PMP, please complete this form and return it along with supporting documentation to PMP at the following address:

    Property Management People, Inc.
    Attn: Association Accounting
    92 Thomas Johnson Dr, Suite 170
    Frederick, MD 21702

  • See more information for PMP Payment Options for Homeowners

Additional Information:

  • Coupon payment- Each year, coupon booklets will be mailed in mid-December with the banking information. If you have not received your coupon booklet, or the coupon booklet was incorrect, please get in touch with PMP at 301-694-6900 to speak with a finance representative.

  • Electronic Bill Payer:  What should I do to inform my bank of the Cabanc information? If you are currently making your payment using an online banking system via your bank, please make sure the correct banking address is listed. Payments made to the incorrect address will be returned to you and may result in a late fee. Please find Cabanc's address below.

    PO Box 62678
    Phoenix AZ 85082-2678

  • If you do not wish to receive a coupon booklet because you submit your HOA assessments electronically through your online banking or other electronic bill payment system, please get in touch with our Property Manager at Property Management People, Inc. to advise him of your preference not to receive an annual coupon booklet. Email: Jesse James; phone: 301-963-3337, ext. 2208.

Should you require assistance regarding your HOA assessment payments, please call PMP at 301-694-6900, x1094 to speak with a Finance representative.