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Contractor Recommendations


Neighbor-to-Neighbor Contractor Recommendations… Sharing is Caring!

Have you had a great experience with a handyman service or contractor? If so, let your neighbors know! 

Many Waterford Place homeowners often ask for help finding qualified, licensed, trustworthy, and reliable contractors who perform good work at reasonable prices for maintenance and repair projects around their homes. Although the WPHOA Board of Directors cannot recommend one contractor over another, the following are some of the contractors used by your neighbors, along with their comments on the work they did. As a Board of Directors, we always recommend researching the contractors before hiring them.

In Maryland, all home improvement contractors are required to be licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). In addition to home improvement contractors, a contractor license is also required to do electrical, plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) work/projects in Maryland. Visit the "Guide to Home Improvements" resource on the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection web page for helpful information, including a Contractor Checklist.

Please recommend only those persons you have hired to work on/in your home/lot, and indicate if you would hire the person or company again according to three criteria: overall communication, professional conduct on the job, and satisfaction with the finished product. NOTE: If you have any financial, business, or professional relationship or interest in the service you are recommending that would result or appear to result in a potential conflict of interest, please disclose that information.

If you are a WPHOA Member/Unit Owner who knows of any contractors who fit that description (qualified, licensed, trustworthy, and reliable), please click "Add a listing" on this page to post and share that information with our WPHOA neighbors and residents.

  • How To Post a Listing:
    Click +Add a Listing

    Enter a title for your recommended service (see examples below).
    Appliance Repair, Replacement Automobile Detailing Carpentry/Cabinet Repair Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chimney Sweep/Cleaner
    Cleaning & Restoration (Water Damage) Concrete Deck Maintenance & Repair Donation Services Door Repair, Replacement
    Driveways Dryer Vent Cleanout Drywall Duct Work Cleaning Electrical
    Exterminators, Pest Control Fence Flooring (Carpet, Tile) Furniture Repair Garage Doors
    General Contractors Gutters Cleaning, Replacement Handyman Service HVAC/Heating & Air Conditioning Home Health Care/Aides
    Home Improvement Home Organizing Housekeeping & Maid Cleanin Services Junk Removal Landscaping/Lawn Care
    Locksmith Miscellaneous Moving/Delivery Painters (Interior & Exterior) PC & Computer Service
    Pet Sitting Plumbers Power Washers Roofing/Roof Repair Siding Cleaning, Replacement
    Tree Care (Trim, Prune, Removal) Wallpaper Window Washing Window Repair, Replacement Other (add title as needed)

    TEXT: Enter comments about the service you're recommending.

    CONTACT INFO: Enter the Name, Phone, Email, Website, and MHIC License# (if applicable) of the contractor being referred.

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  • The listings will be monitored for appropriate content. The webmaster will remove inappropriate content without prior notice.
  • Any listings/postings submitted by a WPHOA Board/Officer or Committee member are being shared in their capacity as a homeowner/Unit Owner in the WPHOA community. The listings/postings are not considered official WPHOA communication, endorsement, or recommendations. (Remember, Board and Committee members/Board Officers are homeowners/Unit Owners in the WPHOA community, too.)
  • This page will have no time limit; however, the listings will be checked periodically to determine if the postings are still reliable and will be updated or removed as necessary.
DISCLAIMER:  Neither the resident providing the recommendation nor the WPHOA or Management Agent are responsible in any way for the performance of the listed contractors. No warranty or guarantee of any kind on the quality of workmanship, pricing, performance, or any required license, insurance, or registrations the contractors must have and maintain is made or implied by including these suppliers and contractors on this list. This list is provided solely for the convenience of the residents of the Waterford Place HOA community. Submissions are subject to review by the WPHOA Board of Directors and/or Management Agent.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have a service provider to recommend and have not created a user account for the WPHOA website that will allow you to post a listing online, you may email your recommendation(s) to the WPHOA webmaster at [email protected] to have the information added to this page.