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Project 2021

October 2019
We have previously communicated that Project 2021 is an effort to improve the community in time for our 30th anniversary.  We are planning 1) to beautify areas that will help with resale value and compete with newer properties and 2) to correct problem areas especially with respect to drainage.
The first area for beautification is the front entrance area.  The existing Leyland Cypress trees have aged and become overgrown. While they had previously provided a good screen for some of the front homes, their dying under-structure no longer looks good at eye level.  The plan is to remove these trees on both sides of the entrance and add new plantings to beautify the area.  One of the contractors we are working with has prepared a visual of the proposed renovation of this area.  The tallest of the new plantings are the Upright Holly which at maturity will grow to 15-20 feet tall.  This will not create the same screen as the Leyland Cypress but will provide a better sight line for safety of those parking or driving in/out of the community.  

We are very excited about this piece of the project as we believe first impressions are very important.  Work would be scheduled after the heat of summer passes.  
Stay tuned for details of other project areas!
NOTE:  The new landscaping at the front entrance was recently completed by BrightView Landscape.
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