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Unity in the Community
How We Can Create a Strong Waterford Place Community
A hive of bees is a perfect example of a community working together in harmony and for the common good of all its members. After all, a bee living alone can barely survive, let alone prosper. But in a hive made up of hundreds of other bees, each taking responsibility for the various jobs necessary for the survival of the community,  the lone bee not only survives, it contributes mightily to the success of the hive. 
The secret of the bee's success in living together in a close-knit community is that each bee not only understands the interrelationships that exist between it and the rest of the members of its community, but is willing to accept some of the responsibility for the hive's prosperity by expanding their role in the community whenever necessary.
As homeowners, we too can choose to recognize the interrelationships that exist between ourselves and our neighbors and how those interrelationships have a direct impact on our quality of life. We can also choose to take some of the responsibility upon ourselves to contribute to improving those relationships and in the process improve our community. 
In order for our community association to continue to protect, preserve and enhance our community assets and our property values, each member of our community has to acknowledge their role in our community and, at times, be willing to expand their role to take on some added responsibility. 
For example: We all must obey our governing documents, we agreed to do that when we closed escrow. By obeying community rules and regulations, we contribute to our community and accept the role of a rule abiding member. Each year we conduct an Annual Meeting at which time we elect our Board of Directors, although we don't have to participate in the election process, choosing to do so contributes to the success of our community. Our role as a rule abiding member expands to include that of a voting member. We also have the opportunity to attend our Board of Directors meetings in order to better understand the business decisions made by the Board. When we choose to attend those meetings, our role as a rule abiding, voting member now expands to include that of a participating member. And when we choose to serve on community committees or the Board of Directors, we accept another role and become a rule abiding, voting, participating and contributing member. 
So, let's all work at recognizing what roles we can choose to accept in our community and, like the bee, work together at making our community the best place to live that it can be!
~ News ~
Germantown Restaurants Offering Delivery, Carryout or Curbside Pickup During Dine-In Service Ban
Posted on Mar 26th, 2020
For the convenience of community residents, Patch.com and the Germantown-Gaithersburg Chamber of Commerce have compiled a list of local area restaurants that offer carryout, curb-side pickup and delivery services.  (The link will open in a new window.)  
Waterford Place Playground Area [Access/Usage]
Posted on Mar 17th, 2020
In response to the evolving circumstances with the COVID-19 virus, our community will follow the County.  At this time all indoor recreation centers are closed. If outdoor County park access becomes restricted, our community playground (Waterford Place Playground Area) access will be restricted. Check https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/OEMHS/COVID19-Closures.html for updates.
Montgomery County is working closely with County agencies, schools and health-care providers to ensure that preparations are in place to respond to this evolving situation, and that the public is informed of current events relating to the disease.
To speak with someone in the local Health and Human Services Communicable Disease and Epidemiology office, call: 240.777.1755. Please note: when dialing the office a voice mail may be received. Leave a message for a return call as call volume is high despite an increase in staffing to cover the lines.
Public health critical alerts are also provided through the County's Alert Montgomery system as the situation may warrant. For more information go to the website below. https://montgomerycountymd.gov/hhs/rightnav/coronavirus.html
See Something, Say Something!
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2020
One of the best ways to deter crime and vandalism in our community is to create a network of neighbors looking out for each other. 

~ Recycling & Trash ~
Help keep Montgomery County Clean, Green and Beautiful
  • Trash Collection: Monday and Thursday
    • Trash will be picked up on all holidays, EXCEPT Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) when pickup will take place on the next scheduled pick up day. All trash must be bagged and sealed and put in trash cans with lids.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: Recycling & Trash containers should be placed for pickup in front of your home no earlier than 6:00 pm the evening prior to collection. IF IT IS WINDY please put out in the morning to minimize blowing debris. Please retrieve containers promptly after collection and store out of sight. Containers are not to be stored in your front yard or on your front porch.

    Note:  In recent weeks, a raccoon has been observed searching for food in our community. 

~ Montgomery County Contacts ~
Fire and Rescue (Non-Emergency)  240-683-6520
Police, Dist. 5 (Non-Emergency)      240-773-6200
Police (Non-Emergency)                  301-279-8000
Animal Control (Non-Emergency)    240-773-5900

~ Upcoming Events ~
Friday, April 3rd to Friday, July 31st
Due to the COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak, events you see on the calendar may be rescheduled, delayed, canceled or conducted electronically (via teleconferencing services). Please check with the PMP staff representative, Waterford Place HOA officers or event organizers/venue for more information.
HOA Board Meeting
Monday, April 27th, 7:00 PM at Via Teleconference (information to be provided by PMP via email)
Please note change for the Waterford Place Homeowners Association (HOA) Board Meeting.  The April 27th HOA Board Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM DST via teleconference.  Detailed information with the dial-in/access information will be sent to the homeowners'/residents' email addresses on file with PMP. Be sure to check your SPAM email if you have not received the message.  All Waterford Place residents are encouraged to participate in the meeting.

~ Community Reminders ~
Friendly Pet Reminder: Please Pick Up After Your Pet
It doesn't take much to remember that we have pets in our community. In fact, if you don't watch your step, your liable to step in one such reminder!
Besides being unsightly and smelly, animal waste can be hazardous to the health of our children who play in the community and other pets. One of the most common forms of disease transmission between dogs is through fecal matter.
When walking your dog in our community, remember that it should be leashed. (It's Montgomery County law.) Also, it is important to remember to immediately clean up after your pet. Take along a baggie with you to pick up waste with and then dispose of it properly. 
By taking a few simple steps to clean up after your pet, you can contribute not only to the beautification of our community, but also towards the elimination of one of the most irritating nuisances in our community. 
We know that the majority of our pet owners act responsibly most of the time and appreciate your efforts.  Please do not hesitate call the Waterford Place HOA Management Office (301-963-3337, x2206) to report any violations, or contact Montgomery County at 311.  
Note:  Montgomery County law also requires all dogs and cats to be licensed and vaccinated. Penalties for violation of these laws are between $100 - $500. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

Parking Reminder
Please park and secure your vehicle(s) in the residential parking spot/driveway assigned to your home. Waterford Place and A&M Towing are working to improve the parking situation.
If you witness a "walk-off", double parking, or otherwise illegally parked vehicle within the community, please contact A&M Towing, 301-421-0953.
Note:  Streets, driveways, lots and parking spaces shall not be used to repair or perform extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles.

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